This is my first attempt at writing you a letter, although I suppose it technically isn’t a letter due to its digital format. Maybe correspondence is a better term? Anyway, I’m currently eating blackberry chocolate chip ice cream. Ice cream often reminds me of you. There’s this place in our new neighborhood called Mason’s Creamery. Actually that’s right, we were talking about it with Andy. Well, that should be one of the first places we go to together.

I hope our time apart isn’t too hard on you. I know you said you were starting to miss me; I just hope it’s not too painful. I have to remind myself that you’re a far more emotional and sentimental person than me. It’s admittedly something I struggle to understand, so I’m sorry if I can be impatient with you at times.

I’ve started to familiarize myself with blender. I’ve got the basics down, and I’m currently rendering out an image of the mushroom island on my desktop. I’m not sure how hot is appropriate for a computer to get, so I’ve placed a fan in front of it out of nervousness. It’s weird owning something so incredibly expensive. I don’t understand how people can drive sports cars around without having an underlying sense of anxiety about getting bumps or scratches.

I’m excited to start creating new 3D art. Hopefully by the time we move in together I’ll be comfortable enough with blender to start working on a game. I want to start brainstorming soon, but that’s something we can also do together.

I hope you’re well. Try to occupy yourself with fun and creative interests, as you have been doing. I miss you and I love you.

Until next time sweaty,

p.s. i used this site called deep dream generator to make this background from a picture you took of me.